Seen astheFruitBasketofthePhilippines, Davao is one of the world's driving makers and exporters of banana, papaya, mangosteen, and even more. Davao's rich prolific volcanic soil makes it most reasonable for supporting the creation of the freshest and most delicious tropical natural products in the Philippines. Since the natural products are privately delivered, the costs are similarly and considerably less expensive than anyplace in the nation.

Here are the list of some and popular fruits recognized in Davao:
Durian has become an iconic fruit of Davao. It has turned out to be practically synonymous with Davao in light of its wealth in the district and, due to its short production in alternate parts of the nation, many have looked for after this intriguing organic product.

Banana is the main natural product developed in the Philippines and a reliable revenue source from exported products. The Cavendish assortment of Davao City is viewed as one of the best on the planet.
Davao is co…


The waterworks show at Sm Lanang, Davao City, is the longest water show in the country. Ever since the mall has been established, this has been the centerpoint of attention to people who happens to visit the place. The performance will serve two (2) songs in every hour during the mall time. It is much better observed during night because aside from the music and the water dancing, you will witness the beautiful lights coming forth from the fountain. 

This is a perfect spot to settle for awhile aside from roaming around the  mall. A place for selfie or groufie if you prefer. But this is really a relaxing part of SM, where it is possible to reminisce moments when you are by yourself or talk dearly to someone you are with. It serves me personally a unique experience and environment on a place which is unexpectedly situated in a mall. 


GRAB REQUESTS PHP 2.00 PER MINUTE CHARGE Davao TechnologyMay 27th, 8:00 AMDavao Region A movement of petition Grab has requested the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to reconsider their petition of P2 per minute charge which was suspended last month. According to Grab, it is unfair that the LTFRB grants the same request to other transportation network companies except to them.
The LTFRB has just accredited 5 TNCs in the country; Hirna Mobility Solutions, Inc., Hype Transport Systems, Inc., GoLag, Inc., Micab Systems Corp., and Ipara Technologies and Solution. And these new TNCs are imposing the P2 per minute charge to their customer according to Grab.
Grab is also eager to push forth its rate from P10-P14 per kilometer into P11-P15 per kilometer in addition to the P40 base rate.


Davao RegionLeni Denying the rumors “I am reiterating that since my husband died, I’ve never had any boyfriend, I don’t have any boyfriend, and I don’t have any plans to have one,” Robredo said in an interview. She wanted to end the rumor of this lover that the people was talking about. When asked about her relationship towards Congressman Bolet Banal; “It’s not true. The stories about me and Cong. Bolet are not true,” she saidShe also did ended the rumors about her having a relationship with Nonoy Ladines, Jonas Soltes, and a guy from Aklan. She explained that Ladines was her political close-in during her visit in Naga City. “It’s like an insult to me. I’m like his sugar mommy,” Robredo said when questioned about her linking to Soltes. The guy from Aklan, she then explaied, that he was her make-up artist.She was flattered as she said, on the issue of her being pregnant. She is by now 53 years old and jokingly teased to be looking 33. But, all-in-all she wanted to…


SOLAR PLANT TO BE IN DAVAO ORIENTAL Davao TechnologyMay 26th, 4:44 AMDavao RegionSolar panels plan layout Going for modenization A local official and a Chinese investor shared a common interest in the establishment of solar energy plant in Davao Oriental.The plant could supply a huge amount of consumers in the whole Mindanao. This project is planned to be installed in Banay-Banay, covering up to 600 hectares of land area. It has been known that in most areas of Mindanao, a huge scarcity of energy is prevalent. The support that this plan would give, will put an end to the problem of Mindanao. The project would cost approximately up to billions of pesos, and plenty of manpower to overseer each panels.
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SummerFrolic 2018 at Mati, Davao Oriental This June 1 & 2

SummerFrolic of Mati City has been a colorful event in Davao Oriental. This year, it will still be held at its famous Dahican Beach Resort on June 1 & 2. It could be remembered that  last year was a success on  launching the event, and plenty of people from around the world had come to celebrate this once a year occasion. 

For those who want to avail the entrance tickets for this event you may checkout these outlets:
- Happy Lemon, Gaisano Mall The Peak, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City (10am - 8pm) - Rm 505, Davao Doctors’ Medical Tower, Davao City (Mon-Fri - 9am - 12nn, 3pm-5pm) - La-ne’s Kan-anan, Bonifacio Street, Mati City (8am - 9pm) - Cagayan De Oro City (May 9, 2018 only): 9000 Events, 2F MADE Bldg., Capistrano Street, Cagayan De Oro City

REGULAR PRICE: Php 1,000 - Php 1,500

5 Things To-Do When Visiting Davao

Davao has recently been  fast-growing region in terms of the economy in the country. This add up to the plenty of reasons why you want to visit Davao. Here are the top 5 list of things you should experience when in Davao:
1. Eat Durian

Of course, this should be on top of the list. Davao is entitled the name of the "Durian Capital of the Philippines". It would be such a regret if you won't try to taste this natural product of Davao.
2. Visit President Duterte's Residence Intriguingly, the residence of our dear president, at Dona Luisa Subdivision Matina, has and been a tourist spot from his supporters even when he was still a mayor. Now, tourists coming from different parts of the country and even abroad placed the visit to our president's residence as a to do list.  

3. Roam Around at the only China Town of whole Mindanao The busiest place at the center of Davao is the Chinatown.  Several malls and stores are arrayed along the street of Uyanguren. This has been a l…