SummerFrolic 2018 at Mati, Davao Oriental This June 1 & 2

SummerFrolic of Mati City has been a colorful event in Davao Oriental. This year, it will still be held at its famous Dahican Beach Resort on June 1 & 2. It could be remembered that  last year was a success on  launching the event, and plenty of people from around the world had come to celebrate this once a year occasion. 

For those who want to avail the entrance tickets for this event you may checkout these outlets:
- Happy Lemon, Gaisano Mall The Peak, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City (10am - 8pm) - Rm 505, Davao Doctors’ Medical Tower, Davao City (Mon-Fri - 9am - 12nn, 3pm-5pm) - La-ne’s Kan-anan, Bonifacio Street, Mati City (8am - 9pm) - Cagayan De Oro City (May 9, 2018 only): 9000 Events, 2F MADE Bldg., Capistrano Street, Cagayan De Oro City

REGULAR PRICE: Php 1,000 - Php 1,500

5 Things To-Do When Visiting Davao

Davao has recently been  fast-growing region in terms of the economy in the country. This add up to the plenty of reasons why you want to visit Davao. Here are the top 5 list of things you should experience when in Davao:
1. Eat Durian

Of course, this should be on top of the list. Davao is entitled the name of the "Durian Capital of the Philippines". It would be such a regret if you won't try to taste this natural product of Davao.
2. Visit President Duterte's Residence Intriguingly, the residence of our dear president, at Dona Luisa Subdivision Matina, has and been a tourist spot from his supporters even when he was still a mayor. Now, tourists coming from different parts of the country and even abroad placed the visit to our president's residence as a to do list.  

3. Roam Around at the only China Town of whole Mindanao The busiest place at the center of Davao is the Chinatown.  Several malls and stores are arrayed along the street of Uyanguren. This has been a l…

Paymaya Might Be A SCAM 2018 | Warning

This is to Warn everyone from using Paymaya as a source of their trusted medium of transaction. Because, plenty of users are now complaining about their service and is now calling Paymaya a SCAM.
The app experiences failure in transactions (loads & pay bills) and transfer of money. Users are demanding to have their cash back because even the transaction failed, a deduction in the cash balance is resulted. Paymaya, however, did not see this as a serious matter even though there are alot of users who reported such errors.
It is obvious that Paymaya has no clue of what is happening on their system. And the concerns that users raised were just given a minimal attention. By this, the service may look like a scam.

Dabawenyos Feb-14 Tips For Young Dabawenyas

The “give her flower” or “gift her with chocolates” are things to be considered an outdated move for young Dabawenyos these days. Especially, this coming February 14. Dont get me wrong, Dabawenyas deserve a flower/chocolate but you need to step-up your game. 
As the generation becomes too inclined with social media, Dabawenyas become “demanding” for a guy’s effort. Real problem. Girls can be naturally envious on other couples’ sweet transactions and that is a real bad news for men. For; as demands go high, the guy’s effort value goes low. What?!
I listed down probable causes of the economics behind these millennial relationships:
1.) K-Drama I will not blame Koreans for this, but dabawenyas nowadays are looking for Oppas. And young Dabawenyos who want to make an impression are trying hard and buying BB creams just to look like one. Eaten by the system (EBTS)

2.) the pabebes of facebook We have seen them. Alot. For sure this time, we will see them again. Alot. Very young pabebe boy bringing …