Dabawenyos Feb-14 Tips For Young Dabawenyas

The “give her flower” or “gift her with chocolates” are things to be considered an outdated move for young Dabawenyos these days. Especially, this coming February 14. Dont get me wrong, Dabawenyas deserve a flower/chocolate but you need to step-up your game. 
As the generation becomes too inclined with social media, Dabawenyas become “demanding” for a guy’s effort. Real problem. Girls can be naturally envious on other couples’ sweet transactions and that is a real bad news for men. For; as demands go high, the guy’s effort value goes low. What?!
I listed down probable causes of the economics behind these millennial relationships:
1.) K-Drama I will not blame Koreans for this, but dabawenyas nowadays are looking for Oppas. And young Dabawenyos who want to make an impression are trying hard and buying BB creams just to look like one. Eaten by the system (EBTS)

2.) the pabebes of facebook We have seen them. Alot. For sure this time, we will see them again. Alot. Very young pabebe boy bringing …

Is Taho Still Your Favorite Dabawenyo Snack?

Is taho your favorite snack?  Or have you eaten one?
The taho is a popular snack in the Philippines which is made from the fresh skin of tofu, sweet syrup, sago, and other variety of add-ons like fruits; banana, jackfruit, etc.
“Tahoooo” this is how vendors usually markets their product on the street or in every barangays by shouting it. Kids or adults enjoyed this tasty snack. 
I could remember when I was still  a child, when a taho vendor shouted from place to place; we immediately prepare our glass or mug for the magtataho to serve our order. The price on that time ranges from php 3-5.
Children who used to play outside before the popularity of computer games were the very common consumers of this delicacy (batang ‘90s). The magtataho used to carry their taho buckets upon their shoulders as they walked around the town and subdivisions. 

Taho today has less recognition by the young generation because the food preference nowadays is more influenced by foreign flavors and style. 

The bigger c…

Durian Hotel Mystery File

The Durian Hotel, structured at the center of the busy street of Davao City, was once a popular destination and a favorite place for tourists to nestle. It is a 12-storey building and its name was derived from the Davaowenyos iconic fruit; the Durian. It has a complete and up-to-date facilities during its time, and could profoundly accomodate a lot of guests.  
By that time, Davao was starting to progressively elevate in its economic activities and is expecting plenty of tourists, both national and foreign, to have a traffic response in the city. Highlighting the most peak events in Davao; are the festivals like Kadayawan and the Araw ng Dabaw. 

Unexpectedly at the peak of the city's economic boom, Durian Hotel suddenly closed its doors for everyone up to this day. It is a very intriguing subject to think about as to why they abruptly released such decision. What we have in our knowing right now are just mere hearsays of what other people have shared. It is more of a "chismis&q…

Davao: Which is Better, Bus or Jeep?

The government of Davao is strongly pushing towards the modernization of our transport system, which will eventually affect our long time mode of transportation; the jeepneys. 
It is called; High Priority Bus System. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio believes that this movement will be for the better of the city. She envisions a more convenient, cleaner and faster mode of transportation. She said in an interview that, it has been a long discussion towards the study of this project to determine  its workability in the city. 
She also clarified that there is no complete phase out for the jeepneys in Davao. There will be options to be given for the drivers/operators regarding this issue. 
Somehow, there are distinct reactions that the locals expressed about this news. They stated some pros and cons on this modernization program. 
As a Davawenyo, which is better for you? Bus or Jeep? The modern or the usual? 

Davao Among Top 10 Richest Cities

Davao City had been left behind ever since from the top 10 ratings of progressive cities in the country. But, as time passes by, Davaoenyos earned alot of recognition on the city as it diligently develops. Last year 2016, Davao City managed to be included among the richest cities in the Philippines as the result of the survey has been released. This is a fruitful result for the overall effort and discipline in the city. 
Here is a photo grab from Philstar News; presenting the wealthiest cities in the Philippines which includes our very own Davao City:
photo courtesy to Philstar

Soon High-Tech Checkpoint System in Davao | Tech Progress of Davao

Davao City will soon be acquiring a highly advance security equipment which is  intended for checkpoint in the Lasang area. According to the city mayor of Davao, Sara Duterte-Carpio, the request has been made and it will be just a matter of time for it to be utilized.

The Task Force Davao's recommendations were recognized by Mayor Sara as a reliable need for the city. They also listed other things to be needed like; metal detectors, signal jammers, x-ray machines, and walk-through scanners.

Somehow, the mayor also raised a certain problem with regard to the procurement process because it will for surely take a long time. Government's procedure on procuring items and projects is very strict on its rules. Inevitably, there will be delays that will happen on this process.

The checkpoint at Lasang area will just be the start of an advance improvement in the security protocol in Davao. Soon enough it will be everywhere in the city and even in the country.

Technology in Davao is progres…

Hi-Tech Ambulance Bus of Davao 911 | Pride of Davao

Davao is the very first city in the Philippines to provide a complete medical facility in an Ambulance, where a doctor and nurses are housed to serve professionally. This ambulance is equipped with quality tools for operation and  used for emergency purposes only.

Unlike the regular ambulance van, this bus could hold up to fifteen (15) patients, acting like a mobile hospital that aids you while on travel. Patients inside the ambulance were accommodated for free, so there is nothing to worry about the fees to welcome you soon.

The Davao Central 911 is an advance unit for rescue set-up and even police reinforcement. 

The president, as a mayor on that time, has given his full support and funding to this agency. Ensuring that Dabawenyos would benefit what they paid for (tax).