Davao: Which is Better, Bus or Jeep?

The government of Davao is strongly pushing towards the modernization of our transport system, which will eventually affect our long time mode of transportation; the jeepneys. 

It is called; High Priority Bus System. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio believes that this movement will be for the better of the city. She envisions a more convenient, cleaner and faster mode of transportation. She said in an interview that, it has been a long discussion towards the study of this project to determine  its workability in the city. 

She also clarified that there is no complete phase out for the jeepneys in Davao. There will be options to be given for the drivers/operators regarding this issue. 

Somehow, there are distinct reactions that the locals expressed about this news. They stated some pros and cons on this modernization program. 

As a Davawenyo, which is better for you? Bus or Jeep? The modern or the usual? 


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