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Dabawenyos Feb-14 Tips For Young Dabawenyas

The “give her flower” or “gift her with chocolates” are things to be considered an outdated move for young Dabawenyos these days. Especially, this coming February 14. Dont get me wrong, Dabawenyas deserve a flower/chocolate but you need to step-up your game. 
As the generation becomes too inclined with social media, Dabawenyas become “demanding” for a guy’s effort. Real problem. Girls can be naturally envious on other couples’ sweet transactions and that is a real bad news for men. For; as demands go high, the guy’s effort value goes low. What?!
I listed down probable causes of the economics behind these millennial relationships:
1.) K-Drama I will not blame Koreans for this, but dabawenyas nowadays are looking for Oppas. And young Dabawenyos who want to make an impression are trying hard and buying BB creams just to look like one. Eaten by the system (EBTS)

2.) the pabebes of facebook We have seen them. Alot. For sure this time, we will see them again. Alot. Very young pabebe boy bringing …