Is Taho Still Your Favorite Dabawenyo Snack?

Is taho your favorite snack? 
Or have you eaten one?

The taho is a popular snack in the Philippines which is made from the fresh skin of tofu, sweet syrup, sago, and other variety of add-ons like fruits; banana, jackfruit, etc.

“Tahoooo” this is how vendors usually markets their product on the street or in every barangays by shouting it. Kids or adults enjoyed this tasty snack. 

I could remember when I was still  a child, when a taho vendor shouted from place to place; we immediately prepare our glass or mug for the magtataho to serve our order. The price on that time ranges from php 3-5.

Children who used to play outside before the popularity of computer games were the very common consumers of this delicacy (batang ‘90s). The magtataho used to carry their taho buckets upon their shoulders as they walked around the town and subdivisions. 

Taho today has less recognition by the young generation because the food preference nowadays is more influenced by foreign flavors and style. 

The bigger challenge for a magtataho is to be dynamic on its presentation on the taho product that would suit on today’s millenial demand. 


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