Davao as the Fruit Basket of the Philippines
Seen as the Fruit Basket of the Philippines, Davao is one of the world's driving makers and exporters of banana, papaya, mangosteen, and even more. Davao's rich prolific volcanic soil makes it most reasonable for supporting the creation of the freshest and most delicious tropical natural products in the Philippines. Since the natural products are privately delivered, the costs are similarly and considerably less expensive than anyplace in the nation.

Here are the list of some and popular fruits recognized in Davao:
Durian is the well-known produce of Davao
Durian has become an iconic fruit of Davao. It has turned out to be practically synonymous with Davao in light of its wealth in the district and, due to its short production in alternate parts of the nation, many have looked for after this intriguing organic product.

Cavendish Banana is the famous export product of Davao
Banana is the main natural product developed in the Philippines and a reliable revenue source from exported products. The Cavendish assortment of Davao City is viewed as one of the best on the planet.
Pineapples that are splendid for export for its quality and texture
Davao is considerably one of the top exporters of pineapples in Asia. Davao Pineapples are splendid orange in shading and not the standard light yellow. They are little yet sweet, and are sent out abroad.

The sweet pomelo of Davao is very famous nationwide and abroad
Pomelo belongs to the Citrus family and it is one of the largest and juiciest fruits in the world. Aside from being a top exporter of this product, even the local Filipinos coming from Luzon wanted to bring boxes of pomelo as their "pasalubong" here in Davao.

Mangosteen is an abundant resource and product of Davao
Among the real organic product yields of the Davao Region is the Mangosteen. Each road corner of Davao City is plentiful of this sweet "citrusy" natural product that is broadly known for its medical advantages. The organic product is said to be powerful in the treatment of looseness of the bowels.


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